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Country Club in Falmouth, ME

With a population of 11,000, the town of Falmouth, Maine is part of Cumberland County and is
where Portland Yacht Club has called home for the last 150 years. Surrounded by rural islands
with acres of peaceful land, the scenic drive up Route 88 in Falmouth provides visitors and
residents with beautiful, expansive views that you won't be able to experience anywhere else in
the United States. Minutes away from Portland's historic Old Port District, Falmouth Country
Club is happy to provide the community with the finest private golf course and resort lifestyle
country club in Cumberland County.

Falmouth Country Club Wedding Venue & Banquets

With a touch of Falmouth Country Club's elegance, host your wedding ceremony and reception
with us and experience a wedding of a lifetime where we deliver immaculate service
throughout the night. We guarantee to provide top quality weddings that will be memorable
for newlyweds and your guests. 

Falmouth Country Club Private Golf Experience

Whether you are looking to learn to play or spend some quality time with your family and
friends, our premier private golf course offers the perfect environment and first-class amenities
to match your needs. Discover firsthand the many benefits of Falmouth Country Club's golf. 

Falmouth Country Club Membership 

Falmouth Country Club offers a private Country Club experience with endless social and sports
offerings in all membership categories. Join us for a test drive and taste what a member goes
through for the day. Contact the membership office for more details. 

Why Falmouth Country Club?

Falmouth Country Club was founded in 1988 to provide private golf, tennis, and other social
activities to families who were looking for a quick getaway from the city. Offering guests a
relaxing environment, Falmouth Country Club has a friendly staff dedicated to making you feel
proud to be part of the community. For more membership information, please get in touch
with us today!