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What's Happening at FCC

Keep up to date with news about our development, membership, club events and generally whats going on at The Falmouth Country Club!

What's Happening at Falmouth Country Club

Trackman Simulator Upgrades

New Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls with Radar Capture Technology (RCT)

The Falmouth Country Club Experience

2021/22 Wine & Bourbon Tasting Series in Collaboration with our own World Renowned Sommelier Erica Archer

At Your Service!

Hiring a more qualified staff to improve your experience.

Changing The Way Maine Does Tennis Club Championships

At its core, the Falmouth Country Club Tennis Program’s belief is... “Have fun and compete well.” Our Pros work to emulate that in their ongoing development of the program. Following the 2021 Tennis Club Championship, we sat down with club tennis Pros Dave Cousins and Doug Bearce to recap this year's competition and hear their plans for next season to grow the program further

Fall 2021 work on the 17th Fairway

The Club’s internal design team, supported by Steve Wenzloff, lead architect for the PGA Tour, recently completed an extensive drainage, re-grading and sod plan for the 17th fairway. 

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